Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh sunny Days....

I love this weather i can hardly stand it. I just want to be outside all the time. At this very moment i am in our den with the french doors wide open. Giving my house a good fresh smell and letting this coldness that is stuck in my house out! Does anyone else do this? It is like opening the widows but instead all the doors!! My dog aren't sure what to do...if they should sit outside or inside. To cute!

Well this week is spring break for my town. No nurses don't get a spring break...but i am pretty good at making my schedule and made sure i was off during the week days to hang out with my mother (since she is a school nurse) and have lunch dates with some of my teacher friends.

Monday Mom, Ash and I decided to take trip to Little Rock to have lunch with my grandmother and do some shopping. No pictures...of course... well except this one

I am soo soo soo excited about my favorite store opening in little rock. It is so close... yet not just down the street...i do have family in LR, one of my best friends is moving back to LR...(this is for you Cat), one of my ttown besties family is in needless to say it is an easy day trip. So excited... and yes i did stand in front of the store and took a picture with my phone like i was a tourist or something... haha...

So Tues and Wed has been mother daughter time and of course Rach and Willis time. My dear mother and Rachel love some antiques/junk shops... ok so do i...but The Sweet Man doesn't. He likes the antiques that his mother has, but they are ones that i can not afford at this moment. :) Not the junk ones....So Tuesday started with a trip to Ashdown. Then lunch with Rach and Willis then mom and Rach planned out a trip to New Boston to see all their antiques and then planned a whole day for today... we were up early for breakfast and headed to Atlanta. They were soo excited.. Will and i were just enjoying our time with our mommas! This is a funny pic I got of Will. My sister has always wanted a lawn i was taking a picture of him to send to her and Sweet Will wanted his picture with him... too funny. and. so. cute! (talking about Will not the lawn jockey...he is scary and $ thanks!

Not sure what planned for tomorrow...besides our st patty's day get together. Then Friday there is talk of going to estate sales with these two antique shopping fools! I do work Friday night so will be sleeping most of the day....

I forgot to share with ya'll my trip to Fayetteville two weekends ago. It was SOOO nice to see everyone. It was not a rushed stressed out weekend at all. The Man did stuff with his friends and I was with mine. Boy time and girl time. It was great....always good to have your own time. I had dinner Friday night at Bordinos with all the girls and then made our way to Theo' fav. Then i met up with The Man and his friends out. Saturday lunch date with my besties and then a day full of shopping. Then Katie and Channin's engagement party and then a night out. It was so fun and nice to see everyone. Always makes me think what life would be like if The Man and I were still in Fayetteville. Only 2 pictures of the entire weekend...i have got to get better at this.

Scarlet and I at West End...and yes i chopped my hair off. It was really got and was my first time to actually fix it since i got it doesn't look great in these pics. In 2 weeks it has already grown so much!
Some of my favorite people
As always i am already excited and ready to plan another trip to Fayetteville soon. Not sure when it will be but hopefully soon!!

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