Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a wonderful time of the year

The title makes you think of Christmas season but today this is the song that was being sung in my back seat! This is because the best snowcone place opened for the summer. Southern tropics is open and has a new look!

My mom and I drove past it and saw that it was open and had to go pick up Rach and Willie for a snowcone date. Makes me soooo happy! I have a new friend that moved to T-town and I can't wait to take her for her first southern tropics visit. Seriously during the summer i go like every other day if not everyday! It used to be this little stand that had this long line out in the grass waiting. Now they have made the place bigger but I know there will still be a line! Today I enjoyed peaches and cream!

These two were just as excited as I was that its opened for the next 7 months! Woohooo

On certain computers this post title shows something crazy....sorry not sure why...The title is "What a wonderful time of the year" if you see something else... that is not the title!!!

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