Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun little date

This past weekend was not too eventful for me. It was my weekend to work and the man left with our sweet dogs and went to the cabin with his family. I was very sad not to get to spend the weekend with him and his family but it made it fun and nice to see him on Sunday. I of course was still asleep when he got home but after getting up and getting ready I went to ride the golf cart while he played golf! I wish I had my camera! I enjoyed the relaxing day and time with the man. Some times our lives just get so busy and with me working nights and sleeping during the day then we go out of town a lot of weekends, we don't always have time just us!

Everytime I go to the country club I think of our wedding day! I had such a wonderful time planning it and loved evetything about it. Well I wish it would have stopped raining just for a little bit! But my dream was to kiss in the rain and we did get to do that and have pictures of it too.

Those getting married soonI would forsure have a first glance. Alot of people do like to see each other before the wedding but for me it was important for us to have a special time just us. I didn't want the first time we see each other i am also trying to walk down the isle the photographer not able to get both of the looks on our faces. It was very special to me and where we gave each other our "special gifts"! I had it planned great we would meet here....

At this little bench on the golf course! Such a beautiful area. This pictures doesn't do it justice. It is on this little island between these two bridges

Kind of hard to see. I tried to get the man to sit and take a pic with me on the bench but he didn't think that would be too fun (probaby b/c everyone would be watching us and wondering what we were doing)! Haha. So I decided to just take pictures so I will remember it even though it didn't work out for us and we had to do our first glance inside!

I pretended like I was a photographer today but with the iPhone so the pictures definitely were not the best! Need to keep my camera with me at all times!

The man on "our little island" about to hit the ball! Would be such a good pic if I had my camera bc in the back ground is the country club! Soo pretty! But very hard to tell in this picture.

First time for me to be on a green besides like at a wedding. WHen i DO NOT play golf and normally when I ride around with The man i always sit in the cart but not this time. My job was to pick up the flag while he made it in the hole!

Can't wait for the man to take our little boy, if God willing, to play golf one day. It was something my dad and brother did together all growing up! We can all dream... maybe one day it will come true!

Hope you have a good week! Mine will be busy and very emotional....more about this later!

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