Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I know I have not been a very good blogger these days. I keep up with the blog i read but just haven't given my blog any attention... Sorry!

Well i am so excited about this weekend. The Sweet Man and I are heading to Fayetteville on Friday! We have a full weekend of fun! Always happens when are visit Fayetteville. But this time i think we will be able to see all of our favorite friends! Including the GIRLS!!!...
For some reason i love this pictures of all of us. Katie didn't make in this photo.. hard to find one with all of us! We always have such a great time when we are all together.. .and we hopefully will be this weekend! As soon as I get intown i want to do a little shopping and then we will go out to eat to celebrate one of my very best friends BIRTHDAYS!!!

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY SCARLET celebration is going to be great!

This is Scarlet and me last summer... always taking crazy pictures... always have fun!
After dinner we are going to go see.......

I used to be a huge fan of his when he was more Texas Country type. But it will still be a great show. Then after that i will meet up with The Sweet Man for some great fun with him and all his friends!!! Many exciting things taking place!

THEN... early Saturday morning i will be up getting ready for...... (actually 2 days, 11 hours, and 11 minutes... until the game! No, i don't know this off hand i went to this website and saw it!)

The Razorback vs Ole Miss game!!! This is always a fun one for me, for many reason.
1. A good game is always fun...wish i wasn't at 11:30 but whatev
2. Vs. OLE MISS... major game... we have always kind of been rivals, but ever since Houston Nutt (Ark old Football coach) went to Coach at Ole Miss. It is a major game to win!!!
3. My sister in law went to school at Ole Miss!
I love Razorback football games. There is just something about it. If you haven't experienced it i think you should put it on your life list!!! I hope to have many pictures to post after this weekend. Also, i have been very busy planning a few things. Sunday when we get back we are having a going away party for a dear friend moving to Denver. Then the next Saturday is the big Halloween Party at our house! I have been wanting to blog about that but then the decor and food won't be a surprise!!! The Sweet MAn and my costumes came in yesterday!!! soo excited!

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