Friday, October 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well not exactly but I feel like it's my home! At this very moment I am sitting in Fayetteville at one of my friends house. She isn't here yet (thanks to her problems with shopping) so I am sitting on her front porch until she gets here! This is my view

Yep....Turtle creek!

This is where me and 5 other of my friends lived in college! Oh how sweet to look back to those days! In this wonderful house we had some great times. I will never forget when we found it. I called about it and the lady said the doors were unlocked. So we all ran in! Then went back and got the rest of the crew and went in again. We all got on our phones talking to our parents about it. Then a couple of months later it was our house. New! No one had lived in it. Since me and the 2 girls I was living with found it, they let us pick the side we wanted. We lived on the right side! It was the first one we went into so we decided its the one. Then it ended up being the better side. I think they rushed the other side on getting it finished or something!

Then we all graduated and people had change of plans that was best for them at the time. So Scarlet actually moved across the street with Caitlin, which is where I am at this moment! Mary Kate moved into her boyfriends rent not with him...he just owned the house! Now they are married and live in the house. Crazy huh! Katie (which lived on the left side) moved to California. Candel moved in with Mary Kate. And I moved into the left side with Britani and Jordan! Actually jordan moved in before I did when Candel moved out! Gosh that was alot! Anyway many memories made!

We had many visitors! Actually all the time. Michelle lived in my room for a summer while I was in Charleston. Caitlin was an over night guest most weekends..Jordan too before she moved in! Anyway long story short I love that house.

By the way The entire time I was outside waiting on Scarlet, she was actually already here inside waiting on me! Haha! It was ok bc i enjoyed getting to sit and think about the old times.... and think how I am thankfully to have such a good group of girlfriends. Much Love to my girls!
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