Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

The Sweet Man and I love to have parties! I think my favorite type of party to have is Halloween. Everyone get all dressed up in their costumes. It makes it a fun party. This year The Sweet Man decided he wanted us to be Indians. Everyone thinks it is funny that I can get him to dress up, but he always does without a problem. Many people told us they weren't coming if they had to dress up but then they always show up to the party in their costume. This year might have been the best yet on the costumes. Many of our friends were out of town, but it was still a lot of fun. We had a bunch of spooky snacks..that were very good!
Hot Dog Mummies

Dip for the hot dogs

pumpkin cheese ball

Eyeballs... these didn't turn out looking that great with they tasted soo good

witches fingers

I was very good a taking pictures at the beginning but always do bad towards the end. Sorry i don't have that many pictures of the decor and of every one's costume. But I do have a few of my favorites!
A couple of scary ones! I didn't even know who this was for awhile

This looks so weird...huh?

Very cute idea... publishers clearing house

A few of the girls

Me and my chief
This was great! Love it

The hippie people

Love this too. Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter. Their 3 daughters were also dressed up like Alice in Wonderland characters...but they didn't make it to the party
Hippie child and Indian

Me and my sweet baby girl as a pumpkin... Miller was dressed just like her. Ash has the pictures on her camera. I will have to post those later!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!


  1. The food looks so good! I could eat a hot dog mummy right now! :) Loved yalls costume! To cute! Alan and Jen looked so cute to! I got to know.. How did you make the eyeballs??

  2. Cute pictures!!! Did you like the pumpkin cheese ball? Also, is your dog a Boykin Spaniel by chance!? We had one growing up and I loved her! Great dogs!

  3. Tiffany... i will post the recipe soon. They were soo good.

    Kendall...The cheese ball was great! And yes my sweet lottie is a Boykin. We love her so much and will probably always have a boykin. She is crazy though. Never know what she will get into