Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let the countdown begin....

I love birthdays! This year is my 25th birthday on July it is my golden birthday on SUNDAY! Meaning the date of my birthday and my age are the same! Anyone else heard of this or just me...? Your birthday should be YOUR day! To do mostly whatever you want to do. I know most of you that know me well are thinking here she goes again. But my entire life my birthday used to really upset me... it is July 25. Well that is the end of the summer. People always seem to be busy, out of town, camp, etc. So all growing up at my birthday parties (which should be fun since it is in the summer) no one could ever come b/c the are taking vacation before school starts or whatever else. My own parents took a trip over my birthday one year. They obviously knew when it was, but just didn't pay attention i guess. As you can see this has really bothered me. So now as an adult i like to make a big deal of my big day.. more like my big week. Which I think everyone should! This is why i LOVE my work. We make big deals out of everyones birthday...and this week happens to be mine. It is the last day that work before i am off and get to enjoy my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!

To start it off GREAT... the nurses at work had a Birthday party for me. Most all of the nurses came to the hospital to celebrate...even ones that weren't working. WE ordered Mexican fav! The same sweet little lady makes everyone's Birthday cake...well should i say attempts. Kidding. But something really always happens to the dessert she makes. They might not always be pretty but they taste great. This time i was told i was getting a BUNDT cake but instead i got my FAVORITE.....Strawberry cupcakes, some with strawberry icing and others with cream cheese icing. YUM! She also made choc covered strawberries and put them on top!! So wonderful!

This is the sweet little lady that makes the birthday desserts. Caught her eating her Strawberry!

I got such great gifts. Some of my favorite things. Wine, wine journal, wine stopper, reusable bag with birds on it. Peaches from the wonderful DeQueen...yum. Gift card for a mani/pedi, note pad with birds, candy, flip flops, $75 gift card to TJ Max (one of my fav stores), a monogrammed beach towel (not in the picture, it is being sent to my house) and $100 to go towards my special birthday present that i am going to buy myself... will tell you more about this...crossing my fingers that either The Sweet Man, my family or in laws surprise me with this wonderful gift i want! But not likely!

I know everyone is thinking man i want to work there. They are great. It is the only thing that keeps me working these long dreadful nights. We are like family....we might have a little drama or disagreements at times but for the most part we are all very close and would do anything for each other. Makes work fun!

This is a picture of a few of us work girls last summer. We went to Hot Springs for Angie and my "Bachelorette weekend." Such fun! 3 wonderful ladies are not in this picture. We also have two new Rn's that will soon be part of our family!

(Brittney, Me, Mandy, Angie & Rhonda)

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