Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Favorite Baby.....

I can't believe my sweet little nephew's birthday is already here. Happy 1st Birthday to my favorite baby in the world. He isn't going to be a baby much longer. I can't believe it.

I won't be able to celebrate with him today but only 2 more weeks they will be in town to visit us. Guess we will have to have a joint birthday! Sweet Baby's 1st birthday, My 25th birthday. Both very important years!! Love this little guy so much. Didn't know you could love a child that is not your own as much as I love him. Just wish they lived closer. I pray everyday for it. So one day they will have to be close to us!
My brother's sweet family! Much love!

Happy little guy!

This pictures make me laugh..we know he loves us!!! Maybe he was a little overwhelmed. But we know he is just as high maintenance. He doesn't fool us! This is for sure framed in my home!

Photos by Niki @ One Creation Studios

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