Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Many people have nicknames for their group of friends such as clique, fab 5, fab 4, St. Mich's crew (this is what one of the Nurses I work with calls all of us Nurses), etc. For some reason I call my friends "The Girls." For example when I would tell The sweet man what i was doing I would say "I am going to go lay out with the girls, then probably go eat with the girls, and then i will meet up with you later."

"The Girls" consist of my college girl friends. A couple I knew in High school. Some I became very close to my first year of college and others sophomore year when we moved into the Pi Phi house. We all lived together with the rest of the sorority, I think of total of 90 something girls lived together. This is the time when we all became very close, like family. We were always together. We would seriously pile in one car, maybe two, and all go to the mall, eat, or whatever we were into that night. We all knew everything about each other, strengths, weaknesses, secrets, emotions, temper. We knew each others habits, good or bad,and still loved each other for it. After moving out of the Pi Phi house we all found our roommates within "our group" and still remained close with the ones we weren't living with at the time. Below is a pictures of my wonderful roomies! These were the Turtle Creek Girls! (Turtle Creek was the street we lived on)

(Katie, Jenni, Scarlet, Mary Kate....Candel, Britani)
We have now, sadly, had to move on and separate "The Girls" but will ALWAYS have that special bond and remain the closest of friends. There are some you talk to more than others but always have a special place for each person. We were all so different but together we made "The Girls." I just can't imagine my life without each one of them in it. We grew together, learned together, and experienced most of trying to figure out "who we are" together.

The Sweet Man and I moved back to our home town, as did some of the others. Many still live in Arkansas, one in Tennessee, one in Missouri, one moved off to Cali but then back to Ark. Two of us are married, many with serious relationships, no one with children...yet... :)
When we all get together (which maybe only happens twice a year...we are going to work on this) it is one of my favorite things. Every now and then a few will get together but it is not the same without all "The Girls." I started thinking about it this weekend when I had a few of the girls in town. We had so much fun...wish we could do that every weekend. But while I was very much enjoying my time I was also thinking how much I wished the others were there with us.

Here are a few pictures over the years of my group of friends I like to call "The Girls."

This is the only picture I could find with everyone in it. Such a beautiful group of girls!
(Candel, Jordan, Britani, Katie, Jena, Scarlet, Lindy, Jenni, Caitlin, Natalie, Michelle, Mary Kate)

We were always ready for some fun. This is a picture at one of our many float trips.
(Lauren, Jordan, Mary Kate, Britani, Jenni...Lindy, Katie)

One of our many nights on Dickson Street. I thought this pictures was funny bc we all look so different than in this pictures!
(Jordan, Lauren, Mary Kate, Scarlet, Jenni, Katie)

This was a picture from a cookout at The Sweet Man's house one summer! We loved for him to cook for us!
(Britani, Jenni, Katie, Michelle, Scarlet, Mary Kate)

Another night out on Dickson!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Jenni, Mary Kate, Scarlet, Caitlin, Margaret, Jordan, Britani)

These pictures are from this weekend. One of our sorority sister got married. A few of the girls came in town. We had such a fun time. We really enjoyed out time in Freeze Frame photo booth. Will hopefully be able to share that photo with y'all soon!
This pictures was actually taken at the end of the night and the fabulous Shooters...kidding about the fabulous thing. But I wanted to hang out with everyone so I had to go, although I very much dislike that place.
(Katie, Lindy, Jenni, Scarlet)

(Mary Kate, Scarlet, Katie, Lindy, Jenni)
This photo was at the wedding. I am so glad y'all came in town to come to the wedding and visit ME! I get soo excited when I have friends in town because that hardly ever happens. But I sure love when it does. I had so much fun with you all and can't wait to get together again.
Much Love!

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  1. Ya'll are such precious girls! Love this post!