Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day

We don't see snow to often in our part of the world. I am soo thankfull that The Sweet Man made it home safe from his duck hunting trip 3-4 hours away. I couldn't enjoy being warm inside the house with the beautiful snow outside while he was on the road heading home. So since he is home safe, and got sweet Lottie this vest, we decided to let her try it on and go play in the snow. She is too cute!

They were having a blast playing fetch in the snow! Although they made the white yard not look as pretty!

Miller always got to it before she did! He is like a Small horse!

Miller waiting for the ball to be thrown. Anyone that knows this big guy knows he never stops. Just sits there for more and more. We tell all guests not to EVER start playing fetch with him.

At this very moment he has a toy in my lap trying to get me to play!

Hope everyone has a wonderful snow day. Stay warm.

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  1. jealous of all yall's snow! we haven't had a good one yet.. ours today is pretty mild.