Friday, January 7, 2011

The Holidays...

I feel December just flew right by. It is always so hard for me to blog on the computer. I usually just do it on my phone but then i noticed how bad my pictures always look. So i have a lot to share with you.

Christmas 2009 was The Sweet Man and My first Christmas as a married couple. It didn't go so well. AS a Nurse at a Hospital i of course had to work and then there was A LOT of lack of communication between The Sweet Man and me and our families. Since we were going to North Carolina to spend "Christmas" at my brothers after Dec 25 i thought we would spend the actually Day with his family. My family did not LOVE this at all. Then another issue of lack of communication came up and the two of us spent the weekend after Christmas separated. Both of us with our parents him in our hometown me 2 1/2 hours away with my family. Needless to say, I was going to make sure this year was DIFFERENT! It was very organized and soo perfect. The week of Christmas my Brother, Sis-in-law, and nephew came intown. I worked the beginning of the week so i had off while they were intown. Christmas Eve was with his family and Christmas Day with mine. It was soo great. Thankfully I didn't have to work either nights this year. But did have to work New Years Eve....but it was soo worth it. I have no idea why i didn't take but just a few pictures.

Christmas Eve we did get off our "schedule" and had breakfast with my family. This is with My father's side of of the family. We have such a good time with the kids. Christmas is soo wonderful with children around. They are soo excited and happy. All of us only get together maybe 2 times a year, so the moments we are ALL together are perfect.Lenzi, Hollis, Lexi

This time is very special. Every year we take a picture with my 97 year old Grandfather. This is where my nephew Hollis got his name.

Great-grandchildren with Papaw

Grandchildren with PapawJason, Monica, Papaw, Ashley and Me

We spent the rest of Christmas Eve with The Sweet Man's family. We goot soo many great gifts. We then went to one of his family friends house that has a party every Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning we woke up early and headed to my parents house to see what Santa had brought and then open gifts from each other. We did get one present early, or atleast the girls, we all get Christmas Pj's.

Hollis was so funny opening all of the gifts we got him. He opened everything and was excited about each gift. Look at him take a look at this new sweater!

Christmas day all of my Mother's side of the family came to Texarkana. We normally go to Little Rock to spend Christmas at my Grandmothers, but this year they came to my parents new house. We took Hollis to see The Sweet Man's family and hang out with his cousins and all the kids there. He has so much fun and was such a hit.

We are so lucky to both have such large close families. Already looking forward to next year.

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