Friday, August 13, 2010

Healthy Habits....

So those of you that read my blog know that i am kind of all over the place. I just write about anything and everything. Most bloggers have theme of some sort or a weekly post of some sort. My blog doesn't have that.

Well I don't have children so can't give you updates on them (there is only so much i can say about my sweet baby dogs, before y'all think i am crazy). I really don't enjoy cooking...but learning how to do this a little better for the sweet man. Fashion i am ok on but just am really not good at posting pictures from the Internet on here.. so then i have to think what am i good at.

Well although i could write every post about how messed up life is working night shift.. then y'all would think i wasn't a very positive person.. So something I do think i am good at and love is my job! Taking care of new moms after they have their baby is the best job ever. There is so much joy, happiness, and lots of teaching. Also taking care of the kids is great too. I love the kids that most people think is more of a challenge to take care of, ones that the parents arent in the life or ones with special needs or just down right bad kids...i love them.. they are my fav.

So with my profession i can't really go into detail every week on what i come across b/c somehow someone might know the pt or figure it out or so on and so on.... BIG NO NO! so the next best thing is sharing what i know and what i love... Mostly with Women and children but maybe just some helpful healthy habit. If you have any questions...please ask. Not that i know it all but i am around great ob and pedi docs. If i can't figure it out i can always ask one of them. Just wanted to introduce the new theme you will be seeing every now and then!

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