Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sweetest Month....

Who knew that June is National Candy Month! I never knew there was such a thing. Well those that know me know i LOVE some candy. Most like chocolate...I can sure do chocolate but my love is the sweet gummy and chewy things. I tried to google and figure out what started this amazing holiday but couldn't find anything that was for sure just a bunch of topics about June being National Candy Month...
So to celebrate national candy month..I am going to have at least a piece of candy everyday. Life it so short to worry about the calorie intake.. Just eat right and exercise (I need to get better at this exercise part) and everything is ok in moderation! So thought i would share with you some of my favs! Also to make you want to go take care of that sweet tooth..... since it is National Candy Month!

This is my "traveling candy" Any time I go on a road trip this is my pick.. Giant Sweet Tarts. I have no idea why. I think it started back when i was little. My dad would always let us get the best stuff when we were with him. Mom would not let us get as fun of stuff for some reason. So this has always been my pick for a care ride. It is funny even when i was in college my friends would surprise me with this. (I LOVE SURPRISES!!!...that will be another post)

This is my FAV chocolate! Who doesn't like a good Reese's. It makes me think of one of my besties!! It was her favorite too!
For some reason my favorite Reese's are during Christmas time... with the Reese's trees!

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Easter Candy. I know you are thinking they are just Reese's pieces..but no.. If you haven't tried these you HAVE GOT TO GET THEM NEXT YEAR. They are like giant Reese's pieces eggs! LOVE THEM. I seriously stock up on them. I probably still have some bags left in my secret candy stash...
This is one of my new favorites. I have always loved nerds but they are just kind of small but these are huge! LOVE THEM..

This picture made my mouth water... YUM!

One of my favorite parts of my wedding planning was doing the candy table. Searching for all different kinds of pink wedding candy. It was soo fun. And i think such a great favor! I have been real bad and haven't picked the pictures I want from my wedding yet so i don't have a good picture of the table but will hopefully get that done soon. A good friend posted this pictures on facebook so i took it so you could see one of my favorite dishes with candy in it. The pink old fashion gum.. And you get a view of one of my bridal pictures. Taken by One Creation Studio. Love HER!

Happy National Candy Month!!!!!

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