Friday, June 24, 2011

Tips for the soon to be Mom...

Yes I know I am not a Mom yet so you are thinking why take tips from you.... Most of my patients the past 3 years have all been new moms. So with that being said a lot of people always have A LOT of question... what to expect, what to bring, what to wear... so now that I see all sides, The labor and delivery and the post-partum part of the hospital i can share with you want you need. I took care of a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and everything she had she would this ok that i brought this... So thought i would share it with all of you!

You can wear normal clothes in but you will change into a hospital gown first thing. (No undies or bra on with the gown..just in case you were wondering)You can bring a couple of pair of PJ's. At the least you will stay one night. You can only put the PJs on after you have the baby. Also a robe if you want to walk in the hall and not be waking in your PJ's. Be sure and bring an outfit for you to wear home. For the baby... they can wear whatever you want them to wear even in the nursery. I mean maybe not some fancy dress but a monogrammed onesie that you have would be just fine. And of course whatever outfit you want them to go home in :) Also, most hospitals take pictures of you baby for their website...they can wear whatever in this photo too. SIDE NOTE: one day when i have a baby i am going to go get some of those huge grannie undies to wear me.. you don't want to wear the ones you wear before the baby and well the hospital ones are ok...but this is just what i would do.

Of course... tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo and all that good stuff. The hospital will have some but it is not good at all. toothpaste taste awful and the body wash is for all over body including hair.

If you love your own pillow then bring it... it will help you sleep good. If you like certain blankets then you can bring that too.. Just remember the more you bring the more you will be leaving with plus the things people bring you. As for your hubbie or whoever will be staying with you...bring some sleeping pills for them b/c the fold out beds are NOT comfy. I am sure The Man will either be in the bed with me or bring a blow up mattress and possibly be told we can't have it... some people are strict about this kind of stuff.

Do NOT bring food or snacks for you because you can't eat until after the baby is born. Only ice chips...which St. Michael's has the best ice i must say...just like sonic! If your guests need a snack there are vending machines, but that is just not nice to have all these snacks in the room and you can't have any of it... for possibly 24 hours.

If breastfeeding.... a boppy is great to help hold the baby while feeding. Also if you have had a c-section it helps not hurt your belly as much when holding the baby. The little breastfeeding tanks and bras will come in hand too.

If you have a doorhanger...wreath...or whatever go ahead and bring it so as soon as that baby is born you can share it with the world!

Camera of course... some people bring their computer so they can post pictures for everyone ASAP. Also during the delivery expect only 1 or 2 people in the room with you for the delivery. Yes i know that is hard. I personally want The Man, my sister, my mom and The man's mom...BUT... if something where to go wrong they would just be in the way and worried about me and the baby and cause more stress in the room. Your Dr might tell you different but really it is mostly up to the nurse that is taking care of you or the hospital rules.

If you plan on getting an epidural most places everyone has to leave the room. This makes people crazy...but just not it ahead of time. You nurse will be right by your side. The worst part of a delivery, IF HAVE YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE AN EPIDURAL, is the IV start and the little shots in your back to numb you to inter the epidural. If no epidural the cramping and pressure if said to be the worst part, I obviously haven't been in either situation.

Hope this helps all you soon to be Moms out there. It will be a day you never forget. What an amazing job I have to experience a life being born most days i work!

One last thing...If you are coming in to be induced. This is a LONG process... just want you all to know that it doesn't mean a baby will be with you in 2 or 3 could be 24 or more... but not worries you aren't like pushing for 24 hours but just laboring!!!


  1. wow great info! the whole epidural thing is TOTALLY freaking me out -- i sure hope your with me that day!!! you know i hate needles eeeeeeek. anyway, im gonna save this post so i can re read it closer to my time!

  2. hanna, when the contractions start you won't even think about the needle, you will just want the pain to stop as quickly as possible. you will be fine! good luck

  3. good advice jenni! and right on point. i've done this twice now and you've got it down. also, by the time you get an epidural you could care less about that needle going straight through your back. you are begging for it at that point!

  4. im gonna be a teenage mom, and it scares me. do u have any advice