Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jumping Apes Birthday Party

My youngest cousin, Lenzi had a birthday this month. I can not believe she turned 4. She had her birthday at Jumping Apes. Man if only i was a kid again, that place is so fun. All the kids had so much fun. She kind of had a monkey theme going since the name of the place, her cake, and they also had bananas and other fruit on a stick. Too cute. I sometimes think of Lenzi and her sister, Lexi, as my niece. Monica their mother is my first cousin. She is an only child so all my life we have always been together. She is more like a older sister than a cousin. Not sure if my parents planned this or not but Monica and my siblings are all 4 years apart. Kind of crazy. Monica is the oldest and my brother, Jason, is 4 years younger than her. Ashley my sister is 4 yrs younger than him and then i am 4 years younger than Ash. But we have all been pretty close. Over the years Monica and I have become closer since we have 12 years between us i was always a lot younger than her.

Here is Lenzi's wonderful cake. As a kid i really liked monkeys so i loved the theme of the party.

Me and the Sweet Birthday Girl. Love that white hair!

Lenzi and her friend, I think her name was Morgan.


Big sister, Lexi, and me. I think she thought she was a monkey.. note sure if you can tell but she inside the game that you shoot basket balls into the goal! Crazy child!

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  1. So Lenzi is turning 4.....looks like someone should *cough cough* carry on the 4 year tradition! :) When I first read about the theme all I could think was "I bet Jenni is loving that!! You were the monkey queen!!"