Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First post in Twenty.thirteen

I know...I know. Where have I been. In Novemeber we moved into our new home.

Just in time to decorate for Christmas and have our first little party for people to come see the house.

And then again to celebrate the new year!

I have had a lot of comments on past posts about people checking my blog for updates on well.... Life! We are still just praying for a happy healthy family to be started when Gods timing is right. I am not always this positive! It's is very hard at many times. But I love hearing happy stories on others that have struggled.

Also my husband is not as open as I am so I have tried to work on not putting everything out there on our struggles. Just keep praying. And as soon as I have good news....everyone will know! Until then I am just enjoying our new home, my wonderful family, my amazing job and these sweet babies!!!

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