Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New reads!

I have been very open about my issues I have gone through the past year. This is my way of dealing with it. Putting it all out there for everyone to know. I have gotten a lot of comments from people expressing their feelings of sadness or the fact that it's not the end of the world. God does have a plan ( you don't always want to hear that).

It did hit me that a lot of people seem like they have it all. Good marriage, successful business, life is just easy for them but then you realize they are also struggling with things, weather it's financial, emotional, health we all have struggles.

I want to think no one else is dealing with what I am. Then I realize a lot of people are. I don't wish it on anyone but then it's nice to know I am not the only one in the boat.

Then I think of others and how easy there life seems. But that is just the outsider looking in. Bc I know there are people that probably think my life is easy. I met my husband at a very young age, didn't HAVE to work during high school and college (although I did babysit...and made good $$$), didn't have to buy my car, didn't have to pay for college. So I don't have debt to pay off. At the time I didn't realize how much my parents did for me to not have debt.

I made it through nursing school my dream of being a labor and delivery nurse just seemed right there. Then I had a few complications with finger prints and nursing License. I thought I was the end of the world. Things normally just work out for me. This is #1 life lesson.

Move back to t-town, after few months get engaged marry the man I had waited soo long to marry. Have a good job but not DREAM job and not dream hours. Prayed. Prayed. PRAYED for 3.5 long years to be on day shift and L&D. #2 life lesson.

I am Now working day shift and at my dream job but going through #3 life lesson. But I have given it to God like I said in my past posts. But I'm writing this to say now I realize, more than ever, that we each have our own ideas of how our life is going to play out. And a lot of the times it doesn't always go down the perfect little path. But how we deal with it really speaks a lot of who we are. (man I went off on a really long story just to share my new reads). 3 amazing women I know, all just started their own blog about their own life. I know each of them personally, one being one of my best friends. I keep updating each of their blogs just waiting on another post.

They really hit home and make you realize life it not always just a piece of cake. But God is amazing and he has his own plan for each of us. He touches people in all sorts of ways.


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