Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another month behind us!!!

Today is again one of those days. Same day that I have had for 10 months now. I have it together for some reason today. Unlike some in the past I would just sit on my couch and cry. Not want to answer my phone or shower and get out of the house. Not sure why I feel the need to share this lately, but if anyone is in my shoes it helps to know there are others out there. In real life I am very open about every detail of my life. So might as well be open on my blog.

I do feel that everything happens for a reason and I know that one day I will be a mom to something other than animals :). although the love I have for my sweet Lottie And miller I can't imagine a child.

A friend of mine (hey Kimbo) has been taking about a blog she reads a lot. (this is where it is weird how everything happens for a reason) I have also read that blog for many years now. Although one I have not read In a while. I decided one day that i was off work, while staying with my parents, I will get caught up on my blog reading. When I got to this blog posted, she posted about a month ago, showing her life and infertility issues. She had everyone that was having infertility problems to link their blog. I was too late and so thankful I was bc I started reading the other blogs and oh man. I have it good. Looking on the bright side:
---it has not been a full yr of trying yet.
--- I do not have any kind of disorder or disease like pcos.
---I have regular cycles and I ovulate
--- so basically waiting on the right time

My story Made me realize it is all about timing and no, I am not taking About ovulation timing, but GOD's timing. Which brings me to another thing I noticed. All the blogs that were having infertility problems all mentioned God and were believers. Not sure where I am going with this thought but was just a weird observation! Stupid devil. Although most of them were not loosing faith and trusting God.

Most of my readers know I am a L&D nurse. I love my job more than anything. While helping all different kinds of people (trying to use nice words) bring their baby into the world I always get asked how many children I have. I always then explain I don have children yet but plan to. Most "normal people" stop there. Some rather touched go on. This is a Convo I will never forget:
Me: no children yet
Touched lady (patients front teeth) : you don't want a baby
Me: no I do, just still trying
Touched lady: trying for what
Me: tryin to have a baby. It doesn't just happen right away for some.
Touched lady: what I have never heard that. If you want to have a baby then just have one.
Me: it not that easy for some. I could feel my face getting red.
Touched lady: well it was like that with me. I just had to look at my husband. And it was like that with my two daughters.

Bless her. I am not sure If this family believed in God or not but this was the point I was getting at earlier some people don't even know about infertility issues. Which I don't even consider myself having infertility issues. I consider myself lucky to have what I have just pray to have another family member involved.

But while patiently waiting I get to watch these sweet babies grow

My nephew Hollis. Which is headed my way as we speak. Can't wait. He is getting so big. Like a little adult.

My best little friend. Us at lunch yesterday. Is mom gets worried I will still want kids after hanging out with her kids all day. I love these kids so much she is crazy. Just don't let Taylor hang out with them.

And my god son Zane. He is the most chill kid I know. Love him to death! I do have two sweet little girls in my life. Oh duh 3 now. Just no new pics With them. Well one I haven't gotten to meet yet. But I'm counting down the days.

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  1. Hi Jenni!
    I found your blog through Meghan's blog! I am in the same boat fertility. I have no fertility problems that 'they' can find...Although my age got us in to see a specialist VERY quickly! I go for my second IUI either Friday or Saturday!

    I get so annoyed with people who get pregnant easily and have no idea of the struggles. A co-worker tried to tell me what I needed to do to 'get rid of infertility' um, yeah, if it were that easy!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog... My husband and I got prego after a year of trying... With friends announcing their pregnancy's all around us... it was so hard to be patient. But we just finally gave it to God and said "In your timing,LORD". Now we have a 8 month old son and I am 4 months along with a our second! We thought since it took so long to conceive our son the first time it would take that long again. But to our surprise I found out I was pregnant again when our son was 5 months! We are so excited to be blessed with 2 babies. But I know that road of waiting.Knowing it's all in His time helps a little, but still I know that longing feeling.... Praying God's timing is soon for you guys.

  3. I love to read blogs, and one day at lunch in the lounge, your mom told me that you had a blog. So I started reading yours.
    I read this post and it was all too familiar. I wish that I could tell you that it gets easier, but trying to get pregnant is an emotional rollercoster. Just remember not to plan your life around "what ifs." Love your life, and live it to the fullest!
    "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24.